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Varicose Vein Best Treatment Options


Varicose Vein Best Treatment Options
New treatment for Varicose Vein with out surgery – Radio-frequency Ablation
RFA is the new & very effective and easy for patients those suffering from varicose vein problem. For treating varicose vein by RFA (multipolar) machine.Under guidance of doppler ultrasound, a radio-frequency catheter is advanced into the abnormally dilated vein and which is treated by radio-energy, result is closure of the dilated and tortuous vein.
A trained interventional radiologist accesses the abnormal dilated great saphenous vein just above ankle or below the knee through skin by a small cannula in abnormally dilated vein. Ablation uses a thin, flexible tube like structure also called a catheter with tiny electrodes at the tip, which heat the walls of the tortuous and dilated vein resulting collapses the dilated veins.

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