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Time Travel: Year 4015 After the Death of Earth


Time Travel: Year 4015 After the Death of Earth
Let’s take a trip to the year 4015, so 2,000 years hence
What do we see?
We see the life on earth, gone! Replaced by new life, seeded by extraterrestrials or terrans
Nuclear radiation killed almost all surface life
Over 400 nuclear power plants, melted down, like Chernobyl and Fukushima
This is the story of a planet that died, because of ‘Service to Self’ types
This video is about the aftermath of Planet X, but after being on the first page of YouTube results, it was yanked, just because I didn’t mention Planet X
I thought it was obvious that it was about Planet X
What else would cause all the tsunamis?

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You may download the video and put it up on your own web site or channel. You may put up ads, if you choose and you do not have to pay me, anything! Make as much money as you want! I ask nothing of you! I don’t even need credit! You may not claim that you made the video, because that’s a lie, but you’re welcome to use it for any purpose you choose. Good luck in achieving your goal.

As of July 12, 2017 this video has had 1.41 million views!
87% are male and 57% come from the USA
The UK, India, Canada and the Philippines are the next four, in order
YouTube is blocked in China, because the leaders there are afraid that if their people learn the truth about anything, they will not remain in power and I think when a country has to block any part of the internet and censor what is sent out by the people, it means they rule over us without our consent! They are dictators, not leaders! Let’s respond, by spreading truth! This undermines every dictatorship on the planet and pushes back the ‘iron curtain’ of tyranny and communism! It is our duty to resist slavery, oppression, censorship and tyranny!

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