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Living With Diabetes and Without Junk Food


Living With Diabetes and Without Junk Food
By Jamie – Age 14 | Comment and like below, then tell us your story at http://www.storybooth.com or our iPhone app. Record and submit for a chance to get animated.

Do you LOVE junk food? Tons of people do – especially when we’re kids, it’s everywhere. And so, getting addicted to sugar is easy. Do you kind of HATE healthy foods like vegetables and fruit? You’re not alone.

Jamie, up until a few years ago, ate nothing but junk food – all the time – chips, soda, candy, anything she could find that had lots and lots of sugar, or was fried, or processed, or just plain bad for you. It was all she craved.

Even though her Mom told her not to eat all that junk food, and tried to get her to eat better healthier foods, she just ignored her and went on eating whatever she wanted.

And this went on for a few years, until, Jamie started having trouble hearing. She didn’t think much of it, but it got bad enough so that her Mom ended up taking her to the hospital. After the nurse tested her blood sugar – which Jamie hated since she hates blood and needles – she came back with bad news. Jamie had diabetes! It was a diagnosis she did not expect nor a disease she wanted. Her Mom was concerned, but Jamie was just totally confused – she had to learn all about it fast, AND, she had to take medicine – insulin – every single day.

So, with a serious fear of needles and shots, Jamie found out that she had to give herself the shots, and monitor and test her blood sugar levels on her own. It was scary, and people would look at her when she had to do it and make her feel different and uncomfortable.

But the hardest part of all was that she had to stop eating all of the junk food and sugar and start eating healthy foods. As a diabetic, She had to totally change her diet.

And eventually, she got used to her new diet and at making healthier choices for eating and snacking. She even got used to the shots and is really living a normal life – but she does have to take care of herself a little more carefully than most kids her age and manage her diabetes. This is an important storytime to tell and to hear.

Everyone’s got a story….we want to hear yours!

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