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Monetize these 90 PLR Ebooks and boost your income! Get this ebook collection for just $9.95


Monetize these 90 PLR Ebooks and boost your income! Get this ebook collection for just .95
http://www.barepocket.com/deals/90-plr-ebook-collection.html. Get The Private Label Rights and Master Resell Rights to 90 Private Label Rights Ebooks Pennies On The Dollar! Only .95.

I’m offering a collection of 90 Private Label Rights Ebooks on my website for only .95 (that’s about {videoDescription}.11 per eBook). In addition, for a short time, I’m throwing in 500 PLR WordPress themes for FREE.

You can use Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights eBooks and other PLR products to help you boost your current income or even replace it. You can make thousands monthly — if you’re willing to put in just a little work.

For a very small investment of .95, you could use these PLR eBooks to literally start an online business from scratch, expand your current business or generate tons of fresh, unique website content for the search engines – and your customers (There are over 1,500 pages of content you can rebrand and customize however you want). For the cost of a medium pizza or movie ticket, you could build multiple new successful income sources — and put bankable cash in your pockets. Who doesn’t wasnt more money?

Here are just a few ways you can use these PLR eBooks to add to your income:

1. Convert each one of the eBooks into 90 different video based multimedia products using just PowerPoint slides!

2. Sell the PLR to each eBook separately or sell the PLR to your video based courses.

3. Create hundreds of unique articles from these 90 eBooks that you can use to drive a flood of traffic to your websites (over 1500 pages of content).

4. Submit to article sites, social media sites, other blogs, forums, etc.

5. Combine pieces of information from these articles to make them 100% unique!

6. Use the unique articles to instantly make your blog extremely attractive to the search engines!

7. Make hundreds of short informative videos from the articles for even more mass exposure!

8. Combine the eBooks with some video training and start a membership to give you residual income!

9. Pull off a product launch with this content after you simply rebrand the name of the course and make it more of your own thing!

10. Sell this package ‘As-Is’ for instant profits!

11. Start a PLR business

12. Submit each of the 90 eBooks to the Amazon Kindle store for even more potential profits!

13. Create a physical book and sell it offline

Plus, much, much more…

You will have COMPLETE UNRESTRICTED RIGHTS to your eBooks. Do whatever you want to with them! Rebrand them, edit them, break them up… sell them as-is or separately… even slap your name on as the author. They’re yours with no strings attached.

BONUS REMINDER: For a short time, I’m also throwing in a bonus of 500 WordPress themes

To learn more about the 90 Private Label Ebooks and 500 FREE WordPress themes reply to this email. And, I’ll send you the link to our site.

For more information and to purchase this value packed collection, visit www.barepocket.com/deals/90-plr-ebook-collection.html

P.S. For full disclosure I want to point out that some of these files may seem old to you from the e-covers or were created in 2008 or 2009. The content is still good and a lot of the information is timeless and with some minor updating you can create some amazing products! For less than {videoDescription}.11 per eBook you get the power to create multiple streams of income! You are getting an amazing deal! You may even have a few of these eBooks already, but this collection is still a massive bargain for you when you consider all you can do with it to make money!