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Life on Fire TV 64: How to Boost Your Income by Getting in Better Shape


Life on Fire TV 64: How to Boost Your Income by Getting in Better Shape
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How to Boost Your Income by Getting in Better Shape:

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Today we’re talking briefly on a topic that rarely gets address in business, your health and fitness. When you feel great and you look great, you’re going to have more confidence, and you’re going to make more money. There’s almost a direct correlation.

As entrepreneurs who are often chained to our desks and computers without the structure of the corporate 9 to 5, it’s easy to get into an irregular schedule and start letting routine things like your fitness slip.

I personally found a fantastic solution to this by accident through clients of mine, Lauren and Fraser Bayley.

They are certified personal trainers who previously had been serving their clients through the standard face-to-face personal training model. This meant that their business wasn’t scalable, they were trading time for money, and could only help a very limited number of people.

What they created and I personally went through for the last 30 days is a virtual group personal training program, which has been freaking awesome (and resulted in me dropping 16 pounds in 30 days)!

One core component is everyone in the program receives a Jawbone UP band, which tracks all of your movement and sleep, allows you to easily journal your food, and even allows you to have other people like me on your “team” so we can see each other’s activity and it allows Lauren and Fraser to track your progress as well.

Their program is simple enough that even a busy entrepreneur can follow it, and it is a ton of fun going through the journey with a group of other motivated people just like you!

I crushed it in July, I’m ready to keep going in August, and I want to invite you to join me!

You can join the exact same program I’m doing by visiting http://lifeonfire.com/64.

And, even if you don’t do exactly what I’m doing and what a ton of other entrepreneurs are doing together as a group, my encouragement and call to action for you in this episode is to do SOMETHING.

Make your fitness, the way you look, the way you see yourself, and your life-long health and longevity a priority starting today!

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