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How to Use Lyft Referral Bonuses to Increase Your Income


How to Use Lyft Referral Bonuses to Increase Your Income
Lyft referral bonuses are a great way to maximize your earning when driving for Lyft. Feel free to check out my website, which I use to provide driver training and refer new drivers to Lyft: https://ridesharepanel.com.

I’ve also written a post to elaborate on the tips that were included in this video, feel free to read more at https://ridesharepanel.com/use-rideshare-referral-bonuses-pad-income/.

The tips that I go over in the video focus mainly on using Lyft driver sign up bonuses to boost your income, but the same can be done with passenger referrals. Here’s a brief overview of the tactics that I go over in the video:

1. Build a website: Start a blog that provides helpful info to rideshare drivers and potential rideshare drivers. Focus on providing useful content, then convert potential drivers that visit the blog into drivers via your Lyft referral code.

Do some research on SEO and find ways to rank your blog for the keywords that prospective passengers and drivers may search for before they sign up for Lyft.

2. Make YouTube videos: Similar concept to above method, just in video form. YouTube is the second largest search engine so you can definitely do some damage.

Produce great content, try to make long videos, write a lengthy description and put your focus keywords in the title. If you follow these steps you’ll be cranking out referral bonuses from Lyft in no time.

3. Business Cards: Make some business cards with your Lyft promo code on it. Pass these out to potential drivers and passengers.

If you sign up for the Lyft Ambassador program, they’ll actually send you these for free.

4. Social Media: Spread you driver and passenger promotion codes on you social media accounts. It’s the easiest way to reach a large network of people that you already have a connection to, there’s a good chance that a portion of them will follow through.

** Referral bonuses are double sided, I do receive a commission on drivers referred to Lyft.